Cat fight!

With all the NFL players with long hair it is not surprising that eventually some pulling would ensue! At today’s game Jacksonville Jaguars defender Jason Babin grabbed a chunk Andre Ellington’s, the running back for the Arizona Cardinals, dreadlocks — and pulled! Ouch!! To add insult to injury Babin chucked the hair to the ground. Time to invest in a hair-tie.

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Brandon Marshall’s Digs about Detroit’s Finances ‘Uncalled For’

Brandon MarshallWith NFL players seemingly more often using racial slurs, hazing, and assaulting each other you’d think that a simple comment about Detroit’s objectively poor economic situation would not turn too many heads. Guess again. Brandon Marshall, the wide receiver of the Chicago Bears made comments this weekend about Detroit stating, “Fix your financial problems” [Read more...]

Richie – Incognito no longer!!

Richie IcognitoRichie Incognito is seriously one of the best names I have heard. Ever. He WAS the guard of the Miami Dolphins until he was suspended – indefinitely – earlier this month for harassing fellow teammate Jonathan Martin. Apparently hazing is pretty common in the NFL, which really doesn’t surprise me, but Incognito’s epic fail came when he used the N-word, on a voicemail no less. Richie – didn’t anyone ever tell you that recording things will get you in trouble???

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Detroit Lions Safety Louis Delmas Has Lost His Mojo

No, not the kind of mojo Austin Powers lost, but rather his PET ALLIGATOR named MOJO!image (1)

About five years ago, Delmas received an alligator egg from former teammate Ernie Sims and it hatched into a lovable and cute baby gator. But now it’s not so cute at a staggering six feet long! It’s overgrowing it’s 36 square-foot cage and is becoming impractical for Delmas to keep the gator in his home.

Also, teammate Kevin Ogletree is planning to move in with Delmas and doesn’t want to have ANYTHING to do with Mojo: [Read more...]

Marshawn Lynch: F#@K YOU COACH – UPDATE!!!

In case you missed it from late last week, Seattle Seahawks RB Marshawn Lynch was caught by the TV cameras flipping off his coaches after he apparently disagreed with a play call. You can read our full story hereBeast-Mode-2


I spotted Marshawn at a bowling alley near Seattle late sunday night! In true reporter fashion I approached Lynch for comment on the incident (or something to the effect of “will you take a picture with me?”) and he responded with:

“Naw thanks, man. I’m good, man, I’m good.” 

We’ll just have to wait for Marshawn to go on record about this when he’s ready…